Adventures in Color…

jruthkelly 2011


Bindu . . .


Image by J. Ruth Kelly

“Sanskrit bindu: ‘This word, which has many meanings, like ‘point, dot, zero, drop, germ, seed, semen.’ . . . It is the point from which inner and outer space have their origin and in which they become one again.’ The thought, poem, is a cell or seed; a germ of living thought; growing from nothing to ripeness. Instead of the dead wood of systems, the tree of life; ramifications; branched thoughts new-grown with pleasant pain.” Govinda, Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism, 116 From Norman O. Brown’s Love’s Body

Point Pulses . . .


Courtesy of Dave Grant

See, the point displays without display and circles ’round the mother of all things, is the mother of all things, floats down to grace a forest or caress a flower or flutter into rest. And if no one sees, if no one knows, still, the point pulses and pours meaning ancient and new.








(photo by Dave Grant of New Jersey’s Ocean Institute: