copy-of-copy-of-dscn0839Pointillist ponderings began to pour from my mind and heart somewhat unintentionally, no calculation to “begin to explore pointillism” occurred. I simply started spilling dots on paper and now call myself the accidental pointillist.

I initially used (and still use) Sharpie Fine and Ultra Fine points on heavy watercolor paper but have graduated to archival inks using Microns. Even finer points.

The only point, as far as some of us are concerned, is love. And I can say that love is what opened up my heart to find the courage to unearth the pointillist within.

Get in touch. ( yellowdressproductions@yahoo.com )Let me know what you think about pointillism. George Seurat is credited with being the first artist to use pointillism. He worked with oils and how he managed to do so without total frustration (using dots, I mean) is beyond me. He was crazier than I could begin to be accused of being…

4 thoughts on “About

    • hey denise! thanks for stopping by and commenting! and wow. your work is gorgeous! you make me want to move beyond inks… i’ll check out the facebook group. i’m always ready to get in touch with other dotty creatures. ;0)

  1. OK. I’m sold. I must follow your points or dots and everything herein. I fell in love with line which began my journey in art. I am so intrigued with your interest in the dot and those things you are finding dot-related as you continue your journey. Wonderful blog.

    • i’m touched you visited and see the dottiness as worthwhile, leslie. it’s begun to be a more steady flow for me lately with a few shows on the horizon. nothing major but it sure does feel good. honored by your very gifted presence…

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