Sweetwater, Tennessee

I like the feel of my art going places while I’m here nurturing three children and more dots and. and. and. Doors opening, dots flowing, plans growing and alliances strengthening with people of soul. Life has opened doors for me through a beautiful bond with Kate Holgate of Alliance for Success including a wonderful connection with LifeSigns founder, Jeannie Anderson, of Sweetwater, Tennessee. From these open doors, my art has travelled (soon my own feet to follow!).  LifeSigns will be hosting a beauty pageant with a focus on the cultivation of inner beauty and, as part of the fun, a couple of my pieces will be raffled. Down the street and across the miles a tree and flower sing…

2011, Prints/Posters Available

dots design…

2011, Prints Available

now for more spilling flow of love-color…

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