7 thoughts on “Silent Auction?

    • i feel like a geyser must feel trying to work through the tiniest crack of surface into the air, like color is alive and begging me to show it somehow out of the depths of my soul but it’s best described as love’s joy, exuberance channeled into these tiny lil specks piling into image, a suspended, drawn out, channeled-into-art explosion of the best kind. 🙂 it may be donated for auction to benefit art department at my daughter’s school. but i’m torn between donating this one and the one i’m less attached to. my intent is to sell some works. but i’ve not made much of an effort. many of these pieces are too much a part of me to sell. some, not so much. 🙂

  1. 🙂 Your honesty is beauty Jruth. I am referring to the above comment. Each piece is a piece of your soul. One can’t put a price on that. Your soul is still there no matter what someone bids. I have faced this many times. Tough decision. I will say, however, there is another in your soul, yet to shine forth. …..and another and another and another. Awesome post.

    • Thank you for this, Leslie. You’re so encouraging and you’re right on. I’m finding it more doable, this releasing of these works to sell and make more. and more. and. 🙂

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