Presentation Points

I’m presenting for my Public Speaking class tomorrow and realize that for the first time I’ve got a time-lapse image or two available to show the process. Of course, this is done with a bigger tip in order to make it more visible. I usually work with Ultra Fine tips. And baby, they are ULTRA fine…

7 Dots & 7 Dots Arc

7 Dots & 7 Dots Arc

The image previous shows how 7 dots create an arc and then another 7 dots create another arc. This is how a tree begins (depending on the artist!). This took about 10 seconds.

And the dots grow . . .

Dots Disperse

Dots Disperse

And now we have added less than a minute of work. It’s amazing how much is accomplished in such a small slice of time.

So, the tree fills itself up, up, up . . .

Reaching, These Hands . . .

Reaching, These Hands . . .


The previous shows lapsed time of 3 minutes. It is, more specifically, the result of two additional minutes of dotting.

And finally (but it’s not final) . . .

Above Below And . . .

Above Below And . . .


The last image is the result of an additional 5 minutes bringing it to less than 10 minutes of effort. Think of how this looks after 45 minutes. It’s not as complicated as it appears to be. The artist just must hold to a vision and watch it unfold. Or, the artist allows the image to unfold her inner world, to inform her as it draws her out, telling her what is next only as she points her way along. That is the most accurate description of this particular dotty artist.

And this is a glimpse of the presentation I’m giving on Monday. Now, to disperse myself across the canvas of the day…

8 thoughts on “Presentation Points

  1. lovely journey, this
    your tree is so magical
    tiny beads of black

    This kind of art fascinates me. My sister does outrageously beautiful details in points. She illustrated an entire book doing this. Marvelous. Fun to watch the journey. Looks like a wonderful presentation. Good Luck and Have a Blast!!!

    Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  2. You make it look so simple, but I KNOW that if I tried it – it would come out looking like a fish or something. Like musicians, I’ve always marvelled at artist’s skills.

    • Me too…I marvel. I don’t consider myself an artist. But that’s because I’m so hard on myself. I just started doing this about 7 years ago. It clicked for me. It’s tedious and hypnotic. Thanks for the kind words…

  3. Thanks for letting me know about your pointillism art! I really like the comparison made here to life, JRuth. You make a good point about watching it unfold. Many don’tspend time with pointillism fearing a time element and the tediousness. You don’t make it sound tedious, though.

    • it’s not tedious for me but i think i enjoy it so much because it’s where i can allow any lingering control freak tendencies to have their say. funny thing is…the image has the final say. my hands have to just do what is sensed and felt more than anything. thanks for dropping in…

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